Le Corbusier Grand Comfort Soft/LC3

Le Corbusier Grand Comfort Soft/LC3

Model: J316
Name: Le Corbusier Grand Comfort Soft/LC3
Product Size: 1040x760x760|hs 420mm
Material: Stainless steel tube,leather,foam
Color: White,black,red,brown

Le Corbusier Grand Comfort Soft/LC3 is faithful to the aspect of the original prototype of the Grand Model of Le Corbusier Grand Confort.

The Grand Confort Soft underlines the sharp contrast between the rigid metal frame and the soft, fluffy cushions stuffed with foam and dawn.

The prototypes [1928] were obviously hand made and very roughly finished. The fact that the metal structure was welded together in one piece and could not be dismounted made it impossible to chrome the frame. Hence the decision to paint the original Grand Confort was dictated by necessity rather than stylistic choice. It was not until the end of the 1960s that the first models of sofas inspired by the Grand Confort appeared on the market.

-Grand Comfort Soft of Le Corbusier upholstered sofa with polished stainless steel tubular frame.
-Cushions stuffed with foam and dawn.
-Upholstered with leather [or fabric on request].
-One seater,lover seaters and Three seaters available

Product Origin: China
Model Number: J416
Brand Name: Best

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